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Naomi Black


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Hello, my name is Naomi Black and I am one of the secretaries for the Mr.Gold Foundation. First I would like to say how appreciative I am to be a part of this amazing & dedicated team. My hometown is in Richmond BC but I have lineage coming from the Kwadacha Nation (Sekani) in northern BC as well as Garden HIlls Manitoba (oji-cree). I have been a powwow dancer my whole life and am honored to have the opportunity to share my teachings and culture within this organization.  At the foundation I have a main goal to help anyone, anywhere I can. Mr. Gold’s has inspired me to work hard to achieve their vision of a more conjoined community. This association has taught me how to reach out and be a productive team member in society.  It is a blessing to learn these valuable skills that I am now able to effectively implement into my everyday life and community

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