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Our Projects

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Digital Transformation of Indigenous Art


How can you help?

  • Photography, graphic design and IT: capturing and transforming traditional art pieces to digital art pieces

  • External liaison: contacting indigenous tribes and understanding their needs

  • Research: researching the histories of the art pieces, writing summaries for each of the pieces


Indigenous cultures birth many styles of art, ranging from textiles to sculptures; however, they could be either poorly preserved or poorly designed to capture mainstream attention. Through a partnership with a holographic display supplier, our project involves immersive documentation, high-resolution photography, and 3D technology to transform traditional art into lifelike displays.


These displays will be used extensively in our Canada Legacy Multicultural Centre (see below). Join us in building a dynamic bridge between endangered tradition and Canadian modernity.

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The "Late" Spike


Join us in recognizing the unsung heroes of Canadian history. The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) was a tumultuous project that played a vital role in unifying Canada. The project employed tens of thousands of workers, including at least 600 workers who lost their lives due to extreme working conditions.

The last spike was driven into the CPR in 1885. Since then, only a handful of workers have been recognised for their work. Our project aims to give metals, in the shape of the last spike, to the overlooked railway workers or their families who never received acknowledgement for their contribution.


How can you help?


  • External Liaison: contacting ”The Last Spike” museum and CPR, set up partnership

  • Procurement: obtaining and comparing quotes from different manufacturers

  • Marketing: promoting our project, finding ways to reach unsung heroes of railway workers

  • Research: conducting nuanced research on the history of the CPR and ”The Last Spike”

  • Design: designing the “spike medals” we will be giving out


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Gyeongju World Cultural Expo Park.jpeg

How can you help?

  • Procurement: sourcing of land which this project will take place - through federal/provincial land stewardship procurement or application with First Nation Council

  • Photography and graphic design: you could be in charge of making content for the Multicultural Centre, for example, the design of an AI classroom

  • Management and leadership: this is a big project that involves a big workforce (of engineers, designers, etc.) , we need leadership talents to bring everyone to work together

  • Finance: making sure that project funding is used efficiently

  • External liaison: we need to get as many cultural communities on board as possible, and we need you to sustain collaborative relationships with them.

Canada Legacy Multicultural Centre


Canada's "multiculturalism" is advertised everywhere, but where do we find it? There is a huge gap for a one-stop centre to appreciate all the cultures in Canada, and we are here to provide a solution.


We are planning a 200-acre technology-enabled Cultural Heritage Park that nestles amidst nature. The Park will harmoniously blend tradition and innovation, featuring immersive exhibits and interactive VR technology. It's a dynamic space fostering cultural exchange, understanding, and preservation for generations to come.

Learning a language with an AI teacher? Learning how to make authentic Italian pasta with a VR Michelin Star chef? Those are all possible here. 

Every cultural community will get their own showroom/display stall, showing us the best of their cultures' beauty.

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Sun Yat-Sen Preservation Project, led by Narrisa Yeh


For a statute of such a significant historical figure, sitting in the downtown of Vancouver, the statute of Sun Yat-Sen is damaged and poorly maintained. This project aims to renovate and protect the Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden located in Vancouver Chinatown.

Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 17.25.06.png

How can you help?

  • Fundraising: while this project receives funding from our Foundation, you can raise additional funds to contribute even more to the Sun Yat-Sen Garden

  • Project planning: source cleaning company, liaise with the Sun Yat Sen Garden, etc.

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Finance News

How can you help?

  • Business: start your own business, with the support of our Foundation

  • Leadership: recruit like-minded business partners from our Youth Council

Mr Gold Foundation Business Club


Are you a business enthusiast? Do you want your business to have a real community impact? Do you need a starting fund or somewhere to start from? Then join our Business Club!

We will provide you with starting capital and business support, you just need to bring your ideas. You can also benefit from all the resources and business connections that our Foundation has. All we ask for is that your project has to bring a positive change to our Foundation or our community.

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"The Air We Share"


Did you have a childhood dream to become a pilot and embrace the freedom of flying? If yes, you are not alone, we believe almost everyone had this dream at some point in their life.

We are proudly delivering this project in partnership with one of the biggest pilot training schools in Vancouver. We believe we can unite our community through this shared dream of flying.

We want to bring Flight Simulation games or pilot "training" sessions to our communities. We are finishing the last step of bringing the Flight Simulator to our local Christmas Market, uniting our community with endless fun.

Aspiring Pilot

How can you help?

  • Communications and community engagement: building the bridge between the School and community events

  • Research: learn about the Canadian aviation history, and contribute to the blog we are currently building

Carbine and Rope

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