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Youth Council

What is the Youth Council?

A group of youth volunteers who collaborate to make a difference in the community all with the same purpose of bringing people together. They do this by either leading their own projects or collaborating on other projects.

Support Group

Why have a youth council?

You are in fact the voices of our generations to come. In the council, you will gain leadership, communication, time management & decision-making skills. You will learn to connect communities together with a multitude of inclusive opportunities.

Students Sitting on Staircase

Why Join Us?

Enhance your Resume

Elevate your CV with hands-on experience in impactful projects

Showcase your dedication to community engagement

Personalized Reference Letter

We provide personalized reference letters,
acknowledging members with exceptional contributions and commitment, to support your university and job applications

Our Ongoing Projects

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Become the next Volunteer /
Project Leader

Application Form
Which projects would you like to contribute to?
What are your skills?

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We will be in contact shortly regarding your application

You can also make a donation to our foundation here.
Thank you!

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